• The Artist

    My art serves as therapeutic integration between my creativity and complex trauma management. It creates a sustainable existence for a family navigating through autism. It communicates emotions, feelings and textures through nonverbal communication. It creates a voice for the unheard.


    The work includes portraits, free form and wearable art all crocheted or woven by hand. Pairing the centuries old discipline with modern fashion trends is an irrational juxtaposition. However, it works to expand the art and skill set of crochet by challenging traditional presumptions and applications. Paintings are sometimes completed in partnerships with my son. Many sessions are completed during autistic meltdowns to help channel his frustrations or inability to communicate verbally.


    I create to foster healing for my son, our community, and myself. We exist in a community that does not have access to life changing therapies. It is my mission to use my voice to advocate for underrepresented families, and to foster a sprit of inclusion, for families often isolated due to their children’s behavior.


    My work is multidimensional. It serves as fine art and an instrument for art therapy. The work can be manipulated and used for sensory integration.


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